Chianergy Chia Seeds

There is a new “SUPER FOOD” being talked about that’s not really new. The chia plant has been used by humans for centuries and is making quite a comeback around the world for a good reason – it’s loaded with what our bodies need both young and old, weak or strong. You will feel chia’s nutrition!

Chia is the highest known natural source of Omega-3 EFA (Essential Fatty Acids), something our modern diets are typically lacking. We are now finding out the health effects due to the lack of Omega-3 and the abundance of Omega-6 in our diets.chia-hemp-flax

When it comes to chia seeds, not all are created equal…

We are often asked why we only sell chia seeds from Central or South America. The short answer is that we prefer seeds from the areas where chia has been farmed for more than 600 years – places such as Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

The nutritional properties of chia seeds can vary according to such things as the latitude of the growing location and the soil type. Chia grown in its native areas, where the farming techniques have been perfected over generations, have the highest levels of Omega-3 and are more likely to meet our strict quality and nutritional standards.Chia-Pudding_PS_2

We are currently working with farmers around Australia, seeking alternative locations to grow high quality Omega-3 chia seeds. As soon as we are able to produce the same quality of seed in Australia that is being produced in other growing areas, we will have them available for you.

Chia Enterprises (the company behind the Chianergy® brand) is proud to be an Australian run company, supporting future developments here in Australia with high quality products made from high quality chia. We have been recognised around the world as leaders in product development for the many unique products and processes we have developed for this unique seed.


We utilise the nutrients found in the chia plant to produce leaf extracts, which we use in our skin care range – just one of the ways we give farmers an alternative crop for their future in this rapidly growing industry.

Do Kitchen Renovations Help?

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Do Kitchen Renovations Help?

Kitchen renovations Sydney are a great way for you to bring some light into the house, and you can get out of the stock items that came in the house. This means that you can create any kind of kitchen you want, and the designer you work with will help you do kitchen renovations Sydney that are very much needed. Anyone who is trying to make sure that they can get the right kitchen renovations Sydney should be sure that they ask their designer what to do.

The designer for kitchen renovations Sydney can help you make sure that you have gotten the appliances, storage and other items that you need. You can share all the things that you think you need, and you will see all those things come into the kitchen when it is finished. You will feel very good about the kitchen when you have had it completely upgraded to the specifications that you want. There are a lot of things you can do the kitchen including adding a pantry, putting in more counters and adding the stove top to a place where you can access it easily. You get to have all the things you need, and you get to decide how they will be put in.

Kitchen Creation renovations Sydney will help you turn your home into a shoe place for the kitchen that you have just installed. Everyone will come over to see just the kitchen, and they will want to stay in there while they eat your cooking and visit with you. Everyone will envy this kitchen design, and you will get it set up by a professional who knows how to make kitchens look great.

Selecting Business Coach Melbourne Services That Are Best for You

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Selecting Business Coach Melbourne Services That Are Best for You

Many business owners decide to open their own business because they believe they can provide quality service or a great product to their consumers. They may feel that they are taking an approach with their business model or products that other businesses have not taken. If you are like most business owners, you have incredible expertise or knowledge in your niche, but this does not necessarily mean that you know everything you need to about running a business. Business coach Melbourne services are available to help you improve your business skills so that you can more successfully run your business and turn it into a profitable success. 

The business coach Melbourne by http://www.actionvictoria.com.au/ services that you choose to use will be a critical component to how effective your services are for you. The right services are those that cater to your needs. Many business owners have weaknesses in certain areas, but they do not need complete business coaching services that cover all aspects of their business. You may be looking for a cost-effective approach to using business coach Melbourne services, and the ability to adjust these services to meet your needs and to contain costs is important. The best services are those that are scalable and customizable, and they also are provided to you by a professional who has experience with your unique niche. While you want to look for experience when selecting a business coach to work with, you also want to look for results. You will need to do research and check references in order to find the best professional to work with. 

The decision to work with a business coach Melbourne is one that can pay off significantly for you in a number of ways. It can help you to learn how to manage and grow your business. It may help you to identify ways to save money and boost profits. Some of the efforts of your business coach Melbourne may be focused on employee management services. You simply have to select the right coach to get started enjoying these benefits.


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